Getting the most money for your car is what we do best.

Seeing the frustration on customers faces when they reluctantly part with their cars for much less than they’re worth is why wesellanycarprivately.com was created. Our concept is very simple and is built entirely around what our customers expect, deserve and really want when it comes to selling their car privately.

We differ from any other car purchaser by offering our customers the chance to achieve a much better figure for their car. It works by us taking care of everything for you, from photographing your car, writing the advert, fielding the calls and then meeting the potential buyers until a sale is agreed and the money is paid into your account.

Typical Example:

The retail price of your car: £30,000.00
Dealerships, garages, trade dealers or online sharks would offer you: £25,000.00
LOSING: -£5,000.00
wesellanycarprivately.com retail your car at: £30,000.00
wesellanycarprivately.com sell your car for: £30,000.00

wesellanycarprivately.com 50/50 split above £25,000.00 = £2,500.00 – making you an extra:


All the cars we sell are checked out thoroughly to make sure they are fit for retail. This not only instils confidence for any potential purchaser and guarantees a higher return, but it also protects our customers. Each car is priced based on its own merits but we usually aim to price all our cars at retail money and then split the difference 50/50 with our customers over and above what they’d expect to get through the trade, based on the industry ‘CAP BELOW’ valuation (the figure most dealerships, garages, trade dealers or online sharks would offer you).

NB. We will also offer to purchase a car outright for an agreed figure if a customer needs to dispose of it sooner.

shutterstock_146329307Sit back and relax while we do the hard work for you.

We have full control over the cars we sell privately and we know the full history and specification of each vehicle we take on. This enables our expert sales team to advise potential purchasers of every feature a car we sell has. Not only can our customers sit back and relax while we take care of selling their car on their behalf, but the purchasers have peace of mind that they are buying a car that has gone through all the relevant checks.

With wesellanycarprivately.com, you can look forward to receiving a projected achievable valuation of your car and a guaranteed sale – whatever the make, model, age or condition (terms and conditions apply and cars must meet a certain criteria).

We do more than just sell your car for the most money.

In the wesellanycarprivately.com ‘Cars for Sale’ section you may even find the next car you’re looking to purchase. We offer a number of additional services including finance and modifying of cars. Most individuals know exactly what they want in a new car; however, for those who are confused by all the choice of cars on sale today and need guidance, we will be more than happy to help and recommend a car based upon specific requirements.

If you want to know the best way to sell your car to return you the most money, then look no further than wesellanycarprivately.com. We are fully committed to all our customers to achieve the best result possible. Put simply, wesellanycarprivately.com has been set up to make selling a car privately as stress-free as possible.

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